Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Blossom

MonkHammer has been following Frank Carter for years now. We’ve seen him start a circle pit that looped a festival mixing desk; walk upside down on a strip club ceiling; welcome a crowd surfing wheelchair onto stage; perform with an orchestral string section; decimate a boat on the Thames; and perform an entire set hanging from Madame JoJo’s balcony (not a euphemism). We’ve seen him both start and end fights (at least once with MonkHammer’s own brother); incite controlled, but often terrifying riots; and turn Dalston hispters into rabid punk wannabes for the night. Blossom, however, is perhaps his most impressive feat yet. Are we biased? Probably, but this is the most emotionally raw and ferocious music you will hear this year, and if you follow any of the Rattlesnakes on social media you’ll know how immensely proud of it they are, and deservedly so. Frank may be the mouthpiece, but equally we can’t ignore the exceptional talents of Dean Richardson,  Tom Mitchener and Memby Jago, whose drumming seems to get ever more feral with every project. British hardcore somewhat lost its voice when Frank quit Gallows, but the king is risen, and he is clearly determined to take back his crown. An exceptional piece of work. 

Frank 1

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