Wildlights – Wildlights

Wildlights play weighty, meaty, grandiose music, filling their sound with rich, dense tones that seem to absorb sound from all angles like some kind of aural black hole. Riffs bundle over each other like white water rapids, coating the hefty rhythm section with molasses of melody.  I am deliberately avoiding the word “heavy” here, because although the band are signed to Seasons of Mist and therefore considered, marketed and accepted as heavy metal, they are so much more. This is beefed-up pop rock, a potential crossover smash that fans of everyone from Opeth to Dinosaur Pile-Up can get into. Yes, the closest comparisons are Baroness and Harmonicraft-era Torche, but Jason Shi’s glorious Perry Farrell-esque vocals raise this so much higher. A masterpiece in light and weight.


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