Motorhead – Bad Magic

After 40 years, there really isn’t much more to be said about Motorhead. Even the most casual fan will know what to expect from a new album – a minimum 6/10; ball-loosening feral blues; endless references to war, death and aural attack; and at least one ballad, all permeated by Lemmy’s unmistakable growl. What sets Bad Magic apart is the way it sounds like a greatest hits package. That’s not to say it’s their best album ever, but that every song is simultaneously reminiscent of both a classic from the first 20 years, and a contemporary song from the second. Electricity = Shine x Smiling Like A Killer; Choking on Your Screams = Orgasmatron x Brotherhood of Man; Thunder & Lightning = Overkill x Death Or Glory. Forever leading the charge, although the less said about the Rolling Stones cover the better.


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