Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit

When Sempiternal came out in 2013, its melodies, clean vocals and synths threw many, but also heralded a brave new direction for a dangerously aggressive and already polarising band. That evolution continues with ‘That’s The Spirit’, which will surely bury the eternal question, could BMTH headline festivals in the future? The answer being a resounding “yes”. Markedly calmer than previous releases though still undeniably heavy in both subject matter and style, this is a life-affirming, synth-soaked sonic therapy session, with Olli Sykes’ raw, open and often delicately fragile lyrics on depression, drug addiction and heartbreak destined to help a lot of people through a lot of tough times. Behind them, the band’s dense Ivor Novello-worthy soundscapes soar and sweep like vast flocks of migrating birds, bringing light, shade and hope to the darkness, and while the album will have a great shot at winning various metal magazine awards, it could equally be the catalyst that finally makes mainstream ceremonies like The Mercury Prize take notice of heavier music too. If Adele covered love song ‘Follow You’, it would sell millions, while ‘Oh No’ would fit perfectly on one of those tragically trendy 80s-style soundtracks that started popping up a few years ago. An incredible album, and one that could prove immensely important for fans of the heavy stuff.


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