Stray From The Path – Subliminal Criminals

Lazy repetitive review number 237, ‘If you like Rage Against The Machine, you’ll love Stray From The Path’. Well, no, not really, although Subliminal Criminals is arguably their most Rage album yet in more ways than one. Yes, the same fizzy blood runs through both bands – staccato riffs, tribal drums and politicised lyrics delivered with a rap-like rhythmic sensibility – but while RATM wore their love of hip-hop, reggae, alt-rock and metal on their tattooed sleeves, Stray From The Path are a hardcore band through and through. More aggressive, less considered, up to no good and downright pissed-off, this is loud and violent stuff to trash police cars and punch kiddie-fiddlers to. Like a four-pack of special brew, this is neither subtle nor refined, but equally it gets the job done and is guaranteed to end in a puddle of piss and blood.

Stray fromt he path

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