Slayer -Repentless

Slayer are one of those bands that it’s very hard to be a casual fan of. Go to any festival, even ones they’re not at, and when the inevitable drunken plum comes hooning across the site screaming SLAAAAAAAAYER, the reaction is either a call to arms or superior indifference. No one ever pulls that face that says “Yeah, they’re alright I guess”. Almost 30 years after re-writing history with ‘Reign In Blood’, the band are still very much doing what they do, living up to their legacy and showing no signs of slowing, or calming down. As such, the most acute thing one can say about ‘Repentless’ is simply, ‘it’s the new Slayer album, and it’s a good one’. With Jeff Hanneman gone, the band are lacking those slow doomy numbers that crept over the skin like stoned lice, and the execution occasionally trips over itself in the rush to get to the next riff, but everything else is present and correct. Forced to rely on Kerry’s speed, the band sound re-energised and whilst this is not the greatest collection of Slayer songs ever, it is up there with the best. Could do with a couple more solos though. Solid.


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