Dog Fashion Disco – Ad Nauseam

Considering ‘Ad Nauseam’ is one of MonkHammer’s most anticipated albums of the year, there is a lot to live up to, and after the glorious, parping, fairground lunacy of the opening title track, what follows seems a little lost on first listen. Thankfully, Dog Fashion Disco’s greatest strength has always been their wild-eyed disregard for convention, coupled with lyrics that could generously be called questionable and a soundtrack-like sensibility to the concept of the album, and as such, it turns out ‘Ad Nauseam’ is a triumph of their own singular style. Allow yourself down the rabbit hole and myriad pleasures await. You want a 1920s cockney knees up? ‘Golden Mirage’. Creeping, nauseating terror? ‘Last Night Never Happened’. Romping hedonistic torture party anthem? ‘Lotion On Its Skin’. Introspective melancholy? ‘Baby Bones’. A pirate sea shanty? Why the fuck not!? ‘Only The Haunted’. DFD are certainly an acquired taste, but once you get it, pretty much anything they do will make sense… eventually.

DFD - Ad Nauseam

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