Gama Bomb – Untouchable Glory

There is a common misconception in the mainstream music community that heavy metal is dumb, childish, obsessed with fantasy action, and only listened to by the terminally un-shag-able. This is absurdly wrong, as any seasoned metalhead can prove with the briefest of demonstrations … but Gama Bomb are not helping the argument. If you were hoping the band that once sang “I am the Hell Trucker, and my load must be blown” had grown up, then I’m afraid you are going to be sorely disappointed, as little has changed on album number five. ‘Untouchable Glory’ is a writhing, cartoon thrash love letter to b-movies, zombies, ninjas and the 80s, a collection of short, sharp, repeated joys that never deviate far from the tried and tested formula, but equally never get old, like a 30-minute YouTube compilation of people being kicked in the nuts. The riffs are as good as anything Testament, Exodus or Anthrax have put their name to; the lyrics as ridiculously fun as ever; and as if that wasn’t enough, the artwork is so glorious, so OTT, it stands as one of the strongest arguments for buying physical music in years. Dumb and childish it may be, but then so is MonkHammer, and probably you too.

Gama Bomb Untouchable

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