Mutoid Man – Bleeder

Bridging the gap between Cave In and Converge while blending in elements of all their other past bands, even filthy crust punks All Pigs Must Die, Stephen Brodsky and Ben Koller are back with Mutoid Man, a crushing beefed-up post-hardcore juggernaut that takes inspiration from pretty much every heavy genre available. Debut album ‘Bleeder’ picks up where Cave In’s dark masterpiece ‘Perfect Pitch Black’ left off, pulsating with malicious intent to create a dense and powerful listen. Seeped in melody but crackling with fragile aggression, Brodsky’s dulcet tones at times seem utterly incongruous with the thunderous racket driving them, but the combination works, and at times beautifully. ‘Bleeder’ is a far reaching and crunching beast of an album, but quite why the band seem to have chosen artwork and a name that pays tribute to The Breeders’ 1993 album ‘Last Splash’ is anyone’s guess! That said, following a tech metal intro, ‘1,000 Mile Stare’ builds to possibly the greatest riff Slayer never wrote, and for that alone we can forgive them most transgressions.

Mutoid Man Bleeder

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