Moon Tooth – Chromaparagon

‘Storm Pill’ from Moon Tooth’s 2013 ‘Freaks’ EP is undoubtedly one of the best, and most inventive, metal songs of the decade so far, only the most cretinous, mouth-breathing gutter donkey would dispute that, so expectations are high for the band’s debut full-length, the intriguingly titled ‘Chromaparagon’. On first listen, two things are immediately apparent. Firstly, nothing is ever quite going to live up to the serpentine glory of said track, and secondly, the words simple, straightforward and linear no longer exist in Moon Tooth’s lexicon. Neither seemingly do the words chorus or verse. Songs poke, lurch, twitch and jab like a bag of horny crickets, refusing to sit still or agree on anything as pedestrian as structure and the band rarely returns to an idea for fear of missing the next one. Multiple melodies constantly weave intricate paths around each other, while the vocals duck and dive in seemingly random directions, occasionally completely detached from the rest of the music as if lifted from another song entirely. At times it is a jarring and confusing melee, but when everyone is on the same page, skirting with the traditional ideas of “song”, the results are routinely astonishing. Nowhere is this more evident than the mid-album run of ‘Little Witch’, ‘Bats in The Attic’, ‘Forgive Me Snake Ryder’ and ‘Chroma’, the closest the band have come to recreating the heady excesses of that 2013 EP. We are barely into February, and already it seems wildly unlikely that a more inventive and daring album will emerge in 2016.

Moon Tooth

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