Gorilla / Grifter – Gorilla vs Grifter

For those expecting a sequel to infamous 2002 exploitation grotfest ‘Bumfights’, please take your disappointed, primordial, feckless arse outside and take a small step into a big hole, but for those expecting a split EP from two of Britain’s finest three-piece bastard blues bands, step inside. First up is Gorilla, fronted by The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell’s Johnny Gorilla, who couldn’t be more aptly named if they tried, the musky essence of London Zoo playfully tickling the nostrils as the band fuzz and rumble through four hulks of primal boogie in a flurry of sweaty hair and low-swung knuckles. Opener ‘Both Barrells’ (sic) is pure Motorhead worship that repeatedly runs up behind the ‘Ace Of Spades’ and flicks it in the spuds before scampering away like a naughty schoolchild, while ‘Slay Rider’ and ‘Grind Yer Down’ take a slower, more Sabbathian approach to desolate groove, leaving fourth and final song, ‘Three Squealer’, to wrap things up in a frantic, driving three minute blast of snot.
Completing and complementing the bill is Grifter, whose proto-punk has a much more 70s counterculture feel to proceedings, conjuring memories of MC5 and contemporary interpreters such as Motorcity Daredevils and The Mooney Suzuki … but filthier, much, much filthier. With less variation than Gorilla but more soul, the band are a one-speed riff wrecking crew, throwing shapes, beers and caution to the wind in equal measure like an over-excited teenager that’s spent the afternoon snorting cheap speed and minesweeping other people’s pints on the wrong side of the tracks. The sleazy, bass-heavy ‘Hi Waisted’ is the highlight here, a dirty, bluesy and at times downright menacing ode to wallowing in one’s own putrid opulence that snakes a greasy, grimy path through your undergrowth like a slow worm in a condom. One EP, two bands, power trio perfection. Just make sure there’s a shower nearby to cleanse yourself afterwards.

Gorrilla vs Grifter

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