Black Peaks – Statues

Following some much deserved media hype, a lot hangs on Black Peaks’ debut so let’s just cut straight to the chase, ‘Statues’ is simply phenomenal, a caustic, anguished masterpiece that simultaneously tears the listener apart while cooing lullabies in their ear – a Cenobite on wax. Prog is a filthy word in some parts, but here it is reborn as a ballet of alt-rock, post-hardcore, blackened metal, jazz and pop, played with such passion the whole thing teeters on the brink of collapse. The band twist their way through 11 songs with a thirst rarely heard in modern music, somehow holding it together while stretching their individual limits to the edge like an octopus in a condom,  but the real star is singer Will Gardner, whose tortured screams and gentle balladry could make the hairs on a pork scratching stand on end. Whether whispering sweet nothings or screeching acid torment, his delivery is routinely heart-stopping, forcing anyone within earshot to pay attention. ‘Set in Stone’ and ‘Statues of Shame’ in particular showcase a masterful blend of musicianship and vocals that glint on a knife edge. An outstanding piece of work.

Black Peaks Statues

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