Raging Speedhorn – Lost Ritual

It’s been almost 10 years since 12-legged beer-fuelled hate machine Raging Speedhorn last released an album, and about eight since they threw in the blood-soaked towel. Now, with founding frontman Frank Regan back in the ranks, the Corby bruisers are back, eager to have a second crack at the whip and prove you can’t beat a good old fashioned British beat down. Truth be told, the chances of MonkHammer giving this comeback anything less than two thumbs, 10 toes and all the cocks up were less than Beyonce’s chances of headlining Bloodstock this year, as like many, we have been eagerly anticipating this day like a fat kid at Christmas for some time now, but even so, you’ll be hard pushed to find a negative review online. Not only has the album been released through Pledge Music, meaning only the diehard fans have it so far, but it is far and away the shining, grinding bile-laced pinnacle of the band’s already exemplary career. Whether trawling through the grumbling sludge of tracks like ‘Evil Or Mental’ and ‘Hangman’, or pounding beers and banging heads to the likes of ‘Shit Outta Luck’ and ‘Motorhead’, the band are clearly having the time of their lives, while Frank and co-vocalist John Loughlin trade blows over the top like a couple of pitbulls that have dipped their foreheads in concrete and their balls in Tabasco. The combined ferocity and glee with which they deliver their caustic vocals sounds like they’ve been shotgunning napalm for breakfast every day since reuniting. To quote the album itself: “I don’t need a reason, don’t need a gun, heading into overdrive, feels good to be alive”. But more importantly, whilst each song is a triumph of aggression, passion and barbarity in itself, it is ‘Lost Ritual’ as a whole that commands wider attention, reeking as it does of an album that is not just wanted, but needed – by the band, by the fans and by the underground. More than earning their place at the second-chance-table, Speedhorn are back, and the British metal scene doesn’t have a Brexit’s chance in hell of getting out unscathed

Raging Speedhorn Lost Ritual

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