Helhorse – Helhorse

12-legged Danish party smashers Helhorse have always peddled a wild-eyed mix of guttural punk and molassal sludge, but while debut album ‘Oh Death’ danced on the snottier side of the tracks, follow-up ‘For Wolves And Vultures’ explored some altogether more threatening, doomier territory. Their self-titled third however, throws a handful of classic and stoner rock minor chords into the mix to create a much calmer, safer, more gothic affair. If number one was a doomy Cumshots, and number two a punky Down, then number three is a dispirited Volbeat. It’s like someone pissed on Royal Republic’s chips one too many times and they decided to accept a job soundtracking the train through purgatory. Perhaps the biggest difference is Mikkel Wad Larsen’s anguished Elvis vocals. Once tarred, feathered and scorched like the bodies of Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, here they are cleaned up, brushed down and taken to Vegas for the weekend, like a wookie in a tuxedo. There are even hints of falsetto in the case of ‘Among The Wolves’. But if you’re cool with all that, and a bass guitar that somehow manages to recreate the much-maligned tone of Lars Ulrich’s snare on ‘St Anger’, then there are rough and ready gems to be found. Nothing quite matches the chaotic glory of 2014’s ‘Get Drunk, Get Mad, Get Even’ (a contender for Song Title of the Century if ever there was one), but tracks like ‘No Fucks Given’, ‘Hell of a Ride’ and ‘The Blood Boiler’ chug like a roided out frat boy, adding melody and a melancholy romance to the end-of-the-world feel. Will the album light up the charts? No. Will it send them to the top of festival bills? Probably not. Will it satisfy a proud metalhead’s inner goth whilst saving them the indignity of breaking out the eyeliner? Maybe.

Helhorse st

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