Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell

Recovering alcoholics should probably avoid the latest album from Airbourne in the same way catholic schoolgirls should probably avoid frat parties. Even Jesus would struggle not to sink a few beers and smash the cans against his head when the likes of ‘When I Drink I Go Crazy’ comes on the stable jukebox, such is the infectious energy with which the songs hurtle from the speakers, foaming at the mouth and heading straight for the bar. Though 2010’s ‘No Guts No Glory’ and 2013’s ‘Black Dog Barking’ were both solid albums, the former felt rushed and the latter tamed, but the Aussie crew’s fourth picks up firmly where 2008’s full-throttle debut ‘Runnin Wild’ left off, squarely aimed at the crotch, the liver and the live arena, in no particular order. Never before have the band captured so well the raw energy and feel-good spectacle of their deceptively simple live show, where every song feels like a last orders knee-trembler against the pub bins. Even on its own, ‘Breaking Outta Hell’ front to back would soundtrack one hell of a night, but throw in a couple of fan favourites, end with ‘Black Jack’, and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect set list right there. It’s also worth pointing out that at a time when AC/DC are on the verge of throwing in the towel, this is probably the closest Airbourne have ever come to filling the shoes of their natural forefathers. Though generally faster, harder and blunter, it’s almost impossible not to hear the ghosts of their countrymen in the background licks of ‘Rivalry’, the solo of ‘Thin the Blood’ or the riff of ‘I’m Going to Hell For This’, which is so reminiscent of ‘Sink The Pink’ it’s surprising Angus and Malcolm aren’t credited, and while subtlety has never been the band’s strong suit, in 2016 it is practically non-existent. Where Bon and Brian would play with words, hiding the smut behind innuendo and metaphor, Joel O’Keefe just gets it out and shows it to you, a giant lyrical cock to the face, ‘Down On You’ in particular leaving literally nothing to the imagination. Big? Yes. Clever? No. Fun? Please.

Airbourne - Breakin

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