Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake

Now that the dust has settled on the thrash revival of the late 2000s, the grizzled forefathers have been giving their bullet belts a good spit and polish, and it’s safe to say the old school is in rude health in 2016, with Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica and (if you absolutely insist) Megadeth all enjoying something of a return-to-form in recent months. So it comes as no surprise to see Testament also back at the top of their game with a furious concept album of sorts dealing with secret sects, alien overlords and ancient cabals. We could tell you how it is heavier than Cthulu’s first dump of the day, faster than Usain Bolt on a bullet train, or gnarlier than a gnarled gnarly thing on World Gnarl Day, but what ultimately stands out is the album’s instant sense of being a timeless classic. The songs crush, that’s a given, and if you’ve enjoyed any of the band’s other millennial output, you’ll love this, but on top of that, the production sounds absolutely immense. Each instrument is given space to explore and expand, filling every corner of the soundscape to ensure nothing is left untouched, with Chuck Billy proving once again to be one of the most underrated voices in metal. With feet in both the 1980s and the 2010s, ‘Brotherhood of the Snake’ already sounds like a remastered classic from the early days of thrash that has been given the super deluxe treatment for its 30th anniversary, and rightfully so.

Testamment - Broher

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