Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Call it thrash, blackened thrash, punk, speed metal, crossover or whatever else you like, but know this: Power Trip don’t like you. They don’t like your ears, they don’t like your neck, and they certainly haven’t acknowledged your safe word. Turning up the aggression and turning down for nobody, the band’s new album, ‘Nightmare Logic’, is a masterclass in updating the wheel, cherry picking from everyone yet sounding like no one as the band hurtles into the fray with one foot in the past, one foot in the future, and both firsts to the throat. Clawing through the walls of genre like rats in a Jiffy bag, the band avoid nostalgia or pastiche through the sheer violence in which they bed their songs, mixing the aggression of hardcore with the lift of punk and the symphony of thrash. Riley Gale’s blackened vocals are often more akin to Marduk than any of his thrash or crossover luminaries, sharing as much with Comeback Kid as they do with Watain and seething under an endless barrage of riffs that sound like they’re literally bursting forth from Pandora’s filthy box. Neither as desolate as Nails, nor as cheerful as Slayer, the band strike a similar vein to Black Breath, but with more nuance, while their occasionally hackneyed lyrics mask a hidden sophistication in absolute brutality. That said, “peace be unto thee, unless you want a piece of me” is almost Shakespearean it its cadence. Faster than a whippet with a vindaloo enema, the band operate at two basic speeds – Attack (‘Crucifixation’ / ‘Firing Squad’) or Defend (‘If Not Us Then Who’ / ‘Executioner’s Tax’) – but both result in a bloody demise. Power Trip deserve to be absolutely huge this year, and an album like ‘Nightmare Logic’ feels  like one of those rare beasts that can manage to break into the mainstream in some small way.

power Trip - Nightmare

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