Gurt – Skullossus

With a cover cuter than Baby Groot, song titles like ‘Jon Garseeya Later’, and a sound described by the band themselves as Party Doom, it’s hard not to feel warm and fuzzy towards Gurt even before a single note has leaked from the speakers. Blending all the best bits of doom, sludge, stoner and blues, sometimes in the same song, sometimes independently, the band have taken the blueprint to debut album ‘Horrendosaurus’ and enlarged it to a grotesque degree, creating a rampaging beast of passion and reverence that also brings humour to a style of music not known for its giggles. Whether groaning under giant Sabbathian slabs of doom or charging forth on a thunderous stoner punk riff, the band are committed at all times to keeping the good vibes rolling while crushing everything in sight, and while it’s not quite party time all the time, for every downtuned trawl through the quagmire there’s a groove banger the size of Texas around the corner. They say variation is the spice of life, and although every song is seen through the same grubby serial killer window, ‘Skullossus’ has enough to carry it through comfortably, whether you want 3 Inches of Blood playing Limp Bizkit at half speed (‘Double Barrelled Shot-Pun’), Orange Goblin singing a cursed nursery rhyme (‘The Crotch Wobbler’), or Raging Speedhorn going full gutter punk (‘Broken Heart Heroin Man’), and seriously, where else do you get song titles even half as good as those? When they’re not dicking around with EP covers of ‘Walking In The Air’, ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Baggy Trousers, Gurt pen horrendously catchy filth, and any album that can make a grown man thrust his air-sword aloft and spit the word ‘Battlepants’ into the face of strangers deserves your attention. Proof that the UK underground is in phenomenally rude health in 2017.

Gurt - Skull

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