Bokassa – Divide & Conquer

For many years Norwegian music was dominated by black metal, even today if you Google “Norwegian metal” the first hit is a Wikipedia page for “Early Norwegian black metal scene”, but those days are numbered and the flood gates that Kvelertak opened in 2010 with their eponymous debut now lie in splinters on the sweaty, beer-soaked floor of a shitty club in Stavanger. The latest band to stride through said wreckage is self-proclaimed stoner punks Bokassa, who blend the energy, aggression and ne’er do well attitude of hardcore with the plaid-wearing, shit-kicking foot-down groove of stoner metal to create a thunderous cacophony that sounds like Comeback Kid dragging Maylene & the Sons of Disaster across a bed of nails. Following the aptly titled bluesy intro of ‘Impending Doom’, which shares more than a little DNA with fellow countrymen The Cumshots, debut album ‘Divide & Conquer’ wastes no time in getting to business with the furious ‘Last Night (Was A Real Massacre)’, setting out its stall with the opening couplet of “this is what we fight for, this is what we do”, just in case you were in any doubt. From there on in the pedal stays squarely down and we are in full-throttle bandito territory until the bitter end as the (surprisingly only) three-piece marry the thumping gangland vibes of bands such as The Ghost of a Thousand and Every Time I Die with the riffs of Fu Manchu and the more upbeat end of Red Fang. Stand out highlights include a perhaps unnecessary but nonetheless ludicrously fun and riff-heavy swipe at 5FDP entitled ‘Five Finger Fuckhead’, and lumbering closer ‘Immortal Space Pirate’, the former drawing heavily on the band’s punk influences and the latter their love of all thing hefty and blazing. If there is any justice in the world, next time you google “Norwegian metal” the response will be endless links to Bokassa. An absolute must for fans of Grizzly Knows No Remorse or Man The Machetes.

Bokassa - Divide

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