Newkid – new feature

“What’s a circle pit?”

“The singer did WHAT?!”

“Wait, who was on the bar?”

“Why would you even buy tickets to a band called that?”

We’ve all been there, in the pub, chatting with some mates, maybe a couple of their mates too, maybe even your new squeeze’s BFF, and the subject of music comes up. They’re not into the same music as you, that was pretty obvious straight away, but what also soon becomes apparent is that they are looking down on you ever so slightly because of the bands you listen to and the shows you attend. It starts with a simple assessment of your tastes, then come the assumptions, then some light joshing about “moshing” and “battle coats”, and finally all out group ridicule, because “come on, it’s all a bit childish and silly isn’t it.”

Well no, actually. No more or less than any of the pap you listen to.

(OK, maybe some of it is, but that’s the charm!)

You spend a few minutes defending your position, you make some jokes yourself, and finally, finally, when they’ve managed to crawl out of their own pompous arsehole or can at least see a speck of acceptance in the distance, they concede that, actually, when you put it like that, if you take the music out of the equation, the shows do sound kind of cool.


That’s where MonkHammer swoops in.

We are officially on a mission to change every self-righteous doubting mind, one at a time, by taking them to a show and proving exactly what makes our scene so fucking great.

Join us, as we warp their fragile little minds, and bring metal to the masses!


UPDATE (5 July 2018):
Convincing people to come to shows has been harder than expected, and a lot less fun, but one open mind has stood out, so we’re taking that baton and running with it. Rather than spreading the wealth, the Newkid feature will now focus on one individual: Daisy.
Daisy doesn’t dislike punk or metal, but at the same time she is not a fan, or rather not a follower. She has a soft spot for early Slayer, she giggles at Immortal, and she thinks Limp Bizkit are fun, but beyond that, she’s an empty vessel waiting to be filled, so join us as we show her the sights and sounds, and turn her into a card-carrying metalhead!

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