Twelve Boar – No Forgiveness

When a band references both Desertfest and Bloodstock in the opening song of their new album, one doesn’t need more than the most entry level education to guess where they are coming from, sonically or spiritually, and such is the case with Twelve Boar’s third album, ‘No Forgiveness’, which deals exclusively in the kind of bluesy, riff-heavy, stoner doom that forms the bedrock of both events. The Hampshire 3-piece lurch from riff to riff like armour-clad orangutans advancing on a hapless band of meerkats, all low-end, long-arm rumble and high-time, sharp-shooting groove, with a glint in the eye, an ale in each hand, and a tongue in each cheek. Largely ditching the fantasy of last year’s ‘Beyond The Valley of The Triclops’, the album is loosely based around the realities of life as a touring band, with tales of the road favoured over fables of mystical swords and demonic three-eyed beasts, but no less daft for it, as frontman Tommy Hardrocks chooses some fairly unambiguous language to weave his merry tales of fun. Lyrics like “in my cab everything is rockin, so come on everybody we’re hellspeed truckin” are clearly not sung with any sense of pomp or grandeur, and should be taken as the ridiculous playground nonsense they are. Musically, little has changed, with Clutch and Viking Skull riding high in the influences as the band power from blues to rock n roll to metal and back to blues in a heartbeat. The biggest surprise comes in the form of ‘Golden Goose’, a swinging boogie parable about a possessive feathered deity that comes across like a turbo-powered hip-hop ZZ Top, with rapped vocals and an almost black metal interlude. The track could spectacularly miss the mark, but instead latches into the band’s sense of fun and rides it like a buckaroo. Twelve Boar may have dropped the Xii from their name, but they haven’t dropped the ball, with ‘No Forgiveness’ proving another worthy addition to the Friday payday party side of metal.

12 Boar

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