L7 – Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago

18 years ago, L7 hit a brick wall, hard, and found themselves disconnected, underappreciated and forcibly placed under the dreaded “indefinite hiatus” following a glorious few years riding the ripples of the grunge explosion. Whilst it bore a few delicious fruits, 1999’s ‘Slap Happy’ album sounded tired and leaden, failing to connect with either their loyal fan base or a new generation and revealing in the most unsympathetic way that the world had moved on, while L7 hadn’t. Fast forward to 2017 and you’ll find the band very much alive again, with a rabidly successful reunion tour under their belt, a documentary on the way, and now, their first new music since that ignominious collapse, Trump-lampooning punk rock quickie ‘Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago’. Flying out of the trap like a frog in a sock and launching straight into a chorus, the song wastes no time in reminding that unforgiving world who L7 are, sounding like an instant classic that fits somewhere between the snarling attitude of ‘Bricks Are Heavy’ and the theme park fun of ‘Hungry For Stink’. Powered by an almost Rob Zombie-esque glam stomp, the song is a super catchy three minute riot of L7 hallmarks, mixing simple but destructive bass lines with pounding drums, squeals of distorted guitars and tongue-in-cheek fuck-you vocals that sneer, bark and croon at once, marking the song with the same scent that led The Prodigy to cover ‘Fuel My Fire’ all those years ago. You’d be hard pushed to find an article about L7 in 2017 that doesn’t mention gender, feminism or “those” stories, all of which are incredibly important to the band’s history, but worthless without the music to back them up, making it all the more satisfying that ‘Dispatch’ is so damn satisfying. At a time when it feels like rock music is potentially on the verge of another mainstream takeover, L7 are not just apt in 2017, they are absolutely vital. Welcome back girls.

L7 - Maralago

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