Daisy vs … Anti-Flag & Reel Big Fish: O2 Kentish Town Forum, 16 October 2017



Pet Psychologist

What sort of music do you normally listen to?
Grungey, indie, rock, folk stuff mainly. Essentially BBC Radio 6 Music with a little classical and jazz thrown in for good measure.

If it was your choice, who/what would we be seeing tonight?
David Bowie! Seriously, anyone really, I’m always up for seeing new bands so I’m just hoping for something fun, maybe something a little different.

Knowing my tastes, who/what do you think you’re going to see tonight?
I think I’ll be seeing loud and shouty bands that swear and have long hair, with added double bass pedalling. Wait, I want to refine my answer to the second question. I want to see some double bass pedalling!

We’re going to see Reel Big Fish, a ska punk band from California that wears Hawaiian shirts and performs with a three-piece horn section; and Anti-Flag, an overtly political punk band from Pennsylvania.  What are your expectations now?
Horns? Amazing! I love brass! I hope they’re like The Specials in that case. As for Anti-Flag, I’m expecting something similar to [Californian indie band] SWMRS, who I saw last week, but with fewer 12-year-olds in the audience and a slightly better definition of the word punk. I’m expecting them to be very earnest and preach “love everybody and don’t be mean to people” a lot.

What are your hopes for the evening?
I’m hoping to be wowed by brass, I’m totally excited by the brass. I’m not expecting to enjoy the music a great deal, but I’m expecting to be entertained in one way or another!

What are your fears?
I don’t want anyone to throw any beer or piss on me. I have to work in these clothes tomorrow!

[After getting a drink in the downstairs bar, Daisy elects to watch from the balcony where it is less crowded, she has a better view, and there is less chance of receiving an unwelcome shower. Within seconds of Anti-Flag starting up, she gleefully (and smugly) declares, “See? I told you someone would throw a beer!”]

What are your thoughts on the show?
Anti-Flag were much better than SWMRS. I particularly liked Will from ‘Will & Grace’ [guitarist Justin Sane] and Guy Fieri [drummer Pat Thetic], and the other fella’s messages of common sense. They pulled a few too many cliché rock moves for my liking, although Will was very nimble, I liked that. The music was ok. My foot was tapping a lot. Like this [demonstrates].
I preferred Reel Big Fish. They were fun, energetic, and much closer to my own age. I appreciate that. Anti-Flag were way too serious in comparison, whereas Reel Big Fish seem like they’re at a stage in their lives where they couldn’t give a shit, and that’s a really great attitude. I’m also a massive fan of ska, so the cover of ‘Monkey Man’ was brilliant, I loved that.

Would you see them again?
Anti-Flag, no. Reel Big Fish, definitely

CONCLUSION: A partial success at the jauntier end of the spectrum. Needs more heavy

Read MonkHammer’s full review of the gig here

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