All Pigs Must Die – Hostage Animal

Seemingly determined to release an album with every band of which he is a part in 2017, Ben Koller returns yet again, like a paradiddling Jason Voorhees, with ‘Hostage Animal’, the third full-length from Massachusetts crust nihilists All Pigs Must Die. As with their previous two albums, this is not for the faint hearted, with Koller and co heeding little advice regarding noise levels or personal safety to deliver 35 minutes of tarred, fetid white-hot metal, but whereas predecessor ‘Nothing Violates This Nature’ offered little to no let-up from the onslaught, the follow-up does at least pause for air on occasion. When they aren’t acting like a black metal band playing speed metal, or giving it the full Barry as on the title track, there are moments of doom that offer some brief, albeit horrific respite, adding a level of variety to the ear-stabbing flagellation that creates a much more interesting proposition than previous single-minded efforts. More nuanced than ‘Nature’, with riffs forming the basis of the songs rather than sheer ear-bleeding brutality, the album harks back to APMD’s (ever so slightly) more structured debut, ‘God Is War’, with a rounder, but no less destructive production job from Kurt Ballou; the smooth, brown conker to the spikey, green shell if you will. Like Mutoid Man’s ‘War Moans’ earlier this year, elements of early Slayer creep into tracks like ‘Slave Morality’ and ‘Cruelty Incarnate’, while there is a distinct Slipknot vibe to the chug of ‘A Caustic Vision’ and ‘Moral Purge’, but stand-out highlight ‘Blood Wet Teeth’ forms its own beast by virtue of being just so damn unwieldy and heavy, like using monster truck tyres as earrings. Such abrasive noise can at times be hard to critique, but ‘Hostage Animal’ has more than enough riffs and bite to hold the attention of even the most fleeting extreme metal fan, like a pneumatic drill drenched in phlegm and bile administered directly to the face.




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