Sect – No Cure For Death

The kind of bile-flecked, blackened, aggro crust that Sect peddle is in something of a purple patch at the moment, with the likes of Nails, All Pigs Must Die and Full Of Hell attracting plaudits from more corners of the internet than there are corners of an intangible concept, meaning anything new being thrown on the pile had better be either hitting those high standards like a World Whack-a-Mole Champion, or bringing something a little different to the table. In the case of Sect’s new album, No Cure For Death, the results are somewhere in between, with enough of a caustic, neck-shattering racket to please the former camp, and some subtly gentle nods in a more palatable direction for the latter. The band boasts members of Cursed, Burning Love, Catharsis, Earth Crisis and Day Of Suffering, plus the punk-approved flailing limbs of Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley, so it comes as little surprise that the album was recorded with Kurt Ballou at God City, such is the raw, venomous spite with which these 90 second blasts erupt, and those conditions alone should tell you pretty much what you’re getting. Operating for the most part at a slightly slower pace than their contemporaries, tracks like Day For Night and Avoidance Ritual add measure to the fury, retaining the down-tuned crust vitriol but combining it with the more riff-based delivery of vocalist Chris Colohan’s Burning Love, while even runaway tracks such as Crocodile Prayers and Stripes eventually find the time to settle into a gut-stomping groove after ripping faces with their blast-beat intros. The most notable separation from the herd though comes in the form of Colohan’s vocals, which are, shock horror, mostly understandable without a lyric sheet, and delivered with a menace borne of cadence rather than pure aggression, adding an extra layer to the carnal assault. Ramshackle in the best possible sense, and coming across like it took little more than twice the run time to record and only three times to write, No Cure For Death is perhaps best recommended to fans of Nails looking for a party rather than fans of Burning Love looking for a fight, but could probably satisfy both. Can we please have a new Burning Love album, though? It’s been almost six years since the atrociously-titled but stunningly-brilliant Rotten Thing To Say came out, and while Sect is a satisfying use of Colohan’s acerbic take on the world, it sure would be nice to revive that most gloriously underrated beast.


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