2018 Album Preview – PART THREE

Welcome to the third and final part of our 2018 album preview. If Part One covered confirmed releases, and Part Two unconfirmed releases, that can only leave one thing for Part Three – the unimaginable.
That’s right, it’s time to fantasise, time to dream, time to imagine what glories may await in our fevered delirium of wanton expectation. This is the first full year of MonkHammer.com, so allow us this momentary lapse into fantasy land, as we run down the albums MonkHammer wants to see in 2018!

Rumours of a new album from the viscerally brilliant one-off Cancer Bats / Bullet For My Valentine / Pitchshifter hardcore supergroup have been bouncing around for a while like a dingle berry on an unshorn sheep, but with Bullet on the starting line of a comeback and Cancer Bats embarking on a Hail Destroyer anniversary tour in the new year, it’s looking pretty unlikely we’ll get to vent all that pent up satanic angst anytime soon.

Burning Love
Anyone who read MonkHammer’s review of the new Sect album will know by now just how much we want this to come true, that is to say more than anything else in 2018. Start a sentence with the words “would you rather” and the answer will invariably be “a new Burning Love album” regardless of the question. It’s unnerving how far MonkHammer will go to make that happen. Probably best not to even ask.

The D4
For the uninitiated, The D4 were a New Zealand garage rock and roll group, whose 2001 debut, 6twenty, is a landmark release in the history of New Zealand garage rock and roll groups. A rollicking carnival of MC5 riffs and punk fury, the band kind of just piffled out in 2006 with less fanfare than a cup of tea, but after all the experimentation of recent years, could 2018 be the year of simple pleasures? If so, it’d be a great time to make a comeback.

The Donnas
The brilliantly glammy, grungey, glittery rock and roll band have been largely inactive since releasing a greatest hits package in 2009, playing their final show in 2012. At the time they were reported to be recording a new album, but nothing ever emerged, which is a crying shame since the girls’ Spend The Night and Gold Medal  albums were absolute Sunset Strip party block rockers with nary a duff moment between them. With the success of heroes L7’s reunion puffing their sails, 2018 could be a great year for one of the world’s finest rock groups to make a comeback if they so chose.

Faith No More
Bucking the trend for under par reunions, the alt-metal legends’ 2015 comeback, Sol Invictus, was a thing of exquisite beauty, impossible to look at for longer than a minute without going blind and more than living up to their legacy of batshit mental melting pot shenanigans. There’s been next to no word on whether that was the start of something or the end, but considering Mike Patton is generally more active than a frog in a jockstrap at a rave for ADD amphibians, once he’s done with Dead Cross, the world is his jockstrap.

Guns ‘n Roses
If we’re talking success stories, there simply isn’t a bigger one in the live arena in recent years than Axl and Co turning it around. Could that translate to a new album? Will it be Appetite for Destruction 2: Hair We Go Again  or Chinese Democracy 2: The Shittening? Will anyone even care? Only time will tell

The reunited grunge gang have already released one brilliant comeback single and promised a second soon, while the documentary about their first stab at the cat was one of the more entertaining of recent years, so fingers crossed there’s more to come. MonkHammer openly prayed for a reunion just weeks before it was announced, and is now openly praying for a new album, so watch this space…

One of the more personal items on this Santa Claus wishlist, little known Northern Irish gutter punks Lafaro released two albums of exquisite snotty faced middle finger rock and roll at the start of  decade before disappearing up their own grotty rump pipes, never to be seen again. Time for a final hurrah, lads?

Limp Bizkit
At times, it feels lile Fred Durst has been promising us Stampede of the Disco Elephants longer than either discos or elephants have existed. What even is a disco elephant, Fred? Go give Wes a kiss, finish the album off and put us all out of our misery.

After testing the water with a couple of festival gigs over the summer, the drum and bass disco biscuits with the power of punk have gone suspiciously quiet. Their final album may have been a little on the weak side, but there’s no denying the all-absorbing force of a full-strength Pendulum, and while the lack of 2018 festival announcements kind of tells its own story, there’s still hope they’ll be back to raise our blood sugar levels one more time,

Rocket From the Crypt
The long-running reunion tour from the well-dressed, horn-led, parping, punk muppets has been a non-stop parade of happy smiles, hearty headaches and fond memories, but so far, no new music, and there’s only so long that can continue. Nostalgia is great in small doses, but RFTC were never really big enough to rely on that forever, and while its fine for now, we’re teetering on the brink of boredom, and it’s only going to get depressing if they persist without something new.

She Wants Revenge
Since going on hiatus in 2012, the (oxymoronic?) California goths have found a whole new fanbase through the sublime use of Tear You Apart on the American Horror Story soundtrack. Following some 10th anniversary shows in 2016, and the huge success of Grave Pleasures, this could be the perfect opportunity for a full paint-the-world-black goth takeover.

System of a Down
“We’ve written the album / We’ve written a couple of songs.”
“We’re working together / We can’t agree on anything.”
“We’ll release something soon / We won’t release anything at all.”
If they can agree to put the toys back in the pram and play nice, who knows. Maybe.

The Wildhearts
With the forthcoming Britrock Must be Destroyed tour instigating a tsunami of love for all things bouncy, riffy, off kilter and just generally 90s, the timing is perfect for the melody-heavy troublemakers to relaunch their career. Ginger always needs an outlet, and always seems to find one, so fingers crossed this is 2018’s. Or a new Howling Willie Cunt album. That’d be good wouldn’t it!?


Don’t forget to check out Parts One and Two as well, and let us know which albums you’re looking forward to in the comments. Who did we miss?

Now go eat some more

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