Marmozets – Knowing What You Know Now

Ever since they gatecrashed the scene like a gang of tipsy raccoons at a party for nervous children, Marmozets have been the kind of band that makes you proud to be British. The sort of people that know how to take their rock and roll seriously while also making something you can dance and drink to with a wink in one eye and a middle finger to the other. Maintaining the youthful vim of debut The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets but swelling with a more confident songwriting nous, follow-up Knowing What You Know Now carries that same combination of British eccentricity and good old fashioned grunt that pushed the likes of Terrorvision and Republica to the top of the charts oh so many years ago, and while it lacks a little of the nervous excitement of said debut, it’s hard to argue with the quality on offer. Tighter than a duck’s arse and spikier than a sea urchin with a mohawk, the band go a long way to proving that the first album was no fluke, with producer Gil Norton and Hundred Reasons guitarist Larry Hibbitt (who has writing credits on four tracks) giving them just enough of the studio shiny-shiny to make them pop without losing the dingy, sweaty hardcore kid deep inside. The band have now completely ditched the glitchy tech of their early material for a more chart friendly sound, but songs like Major System Error and Suffocation retain a lot of those sensibilities in their twitchy riffs and vocal tics, while Like A Battery shares as much with Madness as it does Pixies, and Josh Macintyre continues to batter the drums like his very life depends on it, tub-thumping with Keith Moon-levels of force throughout. But pipping her bandmates to Star of the Show status is not-so-secret-weapon Becca Macintyre, whose personality is slathered all over this album as she flits between grungy roar and soulful croon in a millisecond, chucking out melodies for miles at every turn. Although her vocals seem to go a little cartoon cutesy at times, like Robyn or Yolandi of Die Antwoord, Knowing What You Know Now is never anything less than memorable from start to finish, and the world needs to prepare itself to fall in love with Marmozets all over again.

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