Turnstile – Time & Space

Turnstile’s 2015 debut, Nonstop Feeling, was almost universally praised, and it’s hard to imagine their Roadrunner follow-up, Time & Space, being welcomed with anything less than open arms, open legs, open hearts and closed fists. The album crashes along with an unhealthy lust for life, channeling a thousand constantly sparking thoughts through a single over-worked filter, like forcing a swarm of locusts through a windsock, never dipping, never waning, and never compromising the band’s chaotic alt-punk vision. By blending skate punk, New York hardcore and grunge, the band have created an album that harks back to the 90s while retaining its own distinct flavour, drawing comparisons with the likes of Pennywise, Helmet and Dog Eat Dog that vanish as quickly as they arrive. In all honesty, there is not a duff track to be found here, but highlights include Big Smile, which belts along at a thousand knots before hitching a ride with the Beach Boys; the stop-start brilliance of Generator and its sweet-as-candy lullaby chorus; the swirling, Quicksand-esque post-everything of Can’t Get Away; and Right to Be, the best song Nirvana never wrote in the sessions between Bleach and Nevermind. But ultimately, the attitude and skill that makes up Time & Space can be summed up with one song, Moon. In many ways, the track is a sequel to the peerless Blue By You from the band’s debut, which is surely cause enough to celebrate, but consider this: approximately 1 minute and 15 seconds of the 1 minute and 52 second song is chorus. Nothing else, just the most gloriously melodic, soaring chorus you will hear all year, unwilling to let go and impossible to shake off. How can anyone argue with that? Absolute brilliance and a surefire Album of the Year contender.


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