Daisy vs … Psychostick: The Borderline, 4 July 2018

So it’s come to this…. What was initially planned as a quest to create as many new metalheads as possible is now a quest to turn just one, Daisy, our 39-year-old pet psychologist from London.
We took her to see Reel Big Fish, and it was fun. She returned the favour by introducing MonkHammer to Bob Log II, and shit got weird. So far so good, but now it’s time for round three:
Daisy vs Psychostick
Let the madness begin:


So Daisy, you came back for more. One year older, one year wiser? What gives?
One year wiser? I’m not sure about that. As for why I came back … you suggested it and I was free. Oh, and I really enjoyed last time, so I thought what the hell! Let’s go again.

Have you listened to any Reel Big Fish or Anti-Flag since we saw them?
Oh good lord no. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t enjoy it that much. I’m a nice girl.

So what have you been listening to lately?
Quite a bit of Jamie Lenman after you introduced me to him; The Regrettes, a really cool summery California pop rock band that I’m going to see in a few weeks; the Hamilton soundtrack; and the best of Ru Paul, obviously. Aside from that, lots of Bowie, but that’s a given.

If it was your choice, who would we be seeing tonight?
The answer is still Bowie. Stop asking.

All I’ve told you about tonight is that we’re seeing a humorcore band, so what are you expecting?
I’m not really sure, but probably one of two things – either some kind of pastiche like Tenacious D or Steel Panther, or a glam rock, latex costumed, dress-up, party metal band like Lordi, pretending they’re monsters and being all scary and shit.

Well, it’s a bit of both. We’re going to see Psychostick, known for such hit albums as We Couldn’t Think Of A Title, Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D and IV: Revenge of the Vengeance [Shows Daisy promo shot of the band]

What about now?
Oh my god! [giggles uncontrollably] They look like a bunch of office workers who decided to form a band at a Christmas party. At the end of the Christmas party! Wait, are these the guys that sing that song about tits? [Because Boobs] Brilliant, I can totally get on board with a band that sings about boobs and beer.
Musically, I think I’m expecting something a bit like They Might be Giants, but heavier.

What are your hopes for the evening?
To laugh my tits off and get arseholed on booze.

What are your fears?
After walking past the venue and seeing the hardcore fans that are already queuing, that I’ll be way too conservatively dressed and will stand out like a sore thumb. You’re fine, you look and smell like one of them, but I’m not sure my H&M/GAP chic will really fit in. Although if the band are dressed in office clothes, maybe I’ll be OK?

MonkHammer and Daisy have one more drink before heading to the venue, whereupon they discover that the doorman they spoke to earlier lied his twatty tits off about stage times, and Psychostick are already well into their first set of the evening. It’s annoying, but thankfully there are still renditions of Bruce Campbell, BEER!!!, Bill Nye The Science Guy and Hokey Fuckin’ Pokey to enjoy. Beer is drunk, swears are sung, faces are gurned.
Daisy grins…a lot


What are your thoughts on the show?
Oh wow, that was hilarious and energetic and brilliant and I loved it, especially the song about Bruce Campbell and the classical medley sung to the tune of “fuck”. They were also super tight. It really shows that they’ve been playing together for 18 years. I particularly liked the bassist’s moose hat and all the face-pulling. I think if I had to choose, the face-pulling, funny voices and swears were the best bits.

Would you see them again?
Absolutely, 100%. But can we get there before they start next time?

CONCLUSION: A massive success and a new fan for Psychostick


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