Wilson – Tasty Nasty

Wilson have been the mack daddies of the “serious about the music, not so serious about the presentation” scene for a while now, pitting hard-hittin’, hard-riffin’ hard rock anthems against a thirst for partying unrivaled since Bacchus himself, but with album number three, Tasty Nasty, that division has become blurrier than their memories of last night. The Michigan hellraisers still approach their craft with the utmost clarity, meticulously plotting every second of every song, but the day-glo-green Jim Carrey cartoon spirit that has fuelled their engines thus far has now been given the keys to the Hummer, casting off the black-jeans-black-shirt “proper rock” uniform to expose the Speedo and Hawaiian shirt-wearing monsters that lurk beneath. If Right To Rise was an attempt to mature, both professionally and artistically, beyond the titular joys of debut Full Blast Fuckery, then Tasty Nasty is a wholesale teenage regression. College Gangbang from said debut hints closest towards the pleasures to be found in this new unabashed version of Wilson, but nothing the band have released thus far can quite prepare you for the shameless Smash Mouthing, Sugar Raying, Offspringing vibes of songs like Summertime Treat (Tasty Nasty), Like a Baller and House of Fuckery, and by god does it suit them. Lunkheaded and catchier than hell in the same way that has made megastars of Five Finger Death Punch and Limp Bizkit, with that Wilson crunch present, correct and super-charged, songs writhe in references to bootleg DVDs, The Real World, 2 Girls 1 Cup and Vanilla Ice, telling you everything you need to know about where the band’s heads are at. Had Tasty Nasty been released in the late 90s, Wilson would have undoubtedly been massive for a brief period (before being relegated to the State Fair circuit, obviously), and while the moral crusaders may find it hard to swallow some of the album’s more salty what’s-wrong-with-being-sexy lyrics, there’s enough tongue in cheek to ensure it remains just on the right side of nasty. Manchild Album of the Year from the natural heirs to Motley Crue and Limp Bizkit’s vacant thrones.

Tasty Nasty is released worldwide on 24 August via RED MUSIC


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