Band of the Day: The Primals

Name: The Primals

Home: Los Angeles, USA

Genre: Grunge/Rock

What they say: “Comprised of John Henry (Darkest Hour), Chad Fjerstad (Dead To Fall) and Andrew Black (The Explosion), the band’s fuzzy execution is equal slabs ripping guitar heaviness and infectious pop sensibility. Concocted by a seasoned group of thrashers with a historical backbone in the D.C. punk community. The disintegrated spirit of grunge rises from the ashes, revitalized in a new light”

What we say: Nostalgic but vibrant, derivative but progressive, The Primals are the very essence of the power trio, blending the pop songwriting of grunge’s forefathers with a rampaging fuzz a la Torche, and toeing the same line as God Damn or Nine Black Alps, but with a little more grit under their nails.

What’s next? Debut album All Love Is True Love, produced by John ‘Speedo’ Reis of Rocket From The Crypt, was released 21 Sep via Southern Lord

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