Band of the Day: Hank von Hell

Name: Hank Von Hell

Home: Norway

Genre: Death punk

What they say: “I actually think this [Blood] is the greatest song ever written. As we were writing this track, I felt that the lyrics needed to represent something great and meaningful for me. You know, something that was reflecting my life, and really ”hit home” so to speak. Then it came to me, something really personal and also a secret that I had been carrying for so many years that needed to come out. I am actually a shark.
Yes, a real shark. I am a shark trapped in a fat, handsome and masculine body. All my life I’ve dreamt of having fins and sharp teeth. So this song is about my urge for blood”

What we say: A glitter-bomb of Scandinavian rock and roll, caked in Rocky Horror makeup and challenging Sin City to a fight (and a fuck) by the bins. The spirit of Turbonegro is understandably strong, but a more Sunset Strip, Hellacopters-style attack raises Mr Von Hell’s solo debut above mere pastiche, affording it a personality of its own

What’s next? Debut album Egomania will be released 2 November through Sony Music Entertainment / Century Media Records

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