Daisy vs … Supersuckers: Oslo, Hackney 16 November 2018

Hi Daisy, how’s it going?
Very well, thank you.

Last time we did one of these it was for Psychostick, which you described as “hilarious and energetic and brilliant and I loved it”. So, have you listened to any Psychostick since then?
None that I’m aware of, although we do live together, and you listen to a lot of really weird stuff, so who knows?! Possibly.

Well if you’ve not been listening to Psychostick, what have you been listening to?
[Thinks for an agonisingly long time]… I’ve been listening to Holst’s ‘The Planets’ a lot. Nothing to do with the anniversary, it’s because I was recently asked to join a choir for a performance.

Anything more relevant?!
Not really. It’s been almost exclusively classical music I’m afraid. I think I had BBC 6 Music on for about five minutes the other day, but that’s it. I’m not even sure it was that recent actually.

If it was your choice, who would we be seeing tonight?
Please refer to my previous answer. [Ed’s note: He’s dead Daisy, Bowie is dead. Move on]

All I’ve told you about tonight is that we’re seeing Supersuckers, so what are you expecting?
I’ve no idea why, but for some reason I have it in mind that they’ll be similar to Psychostick. Kinda funny, tongue in cheek, silly. But that’s not really based on anything other than their name, so maybe I just want it them to be like Psychostick. Can they be like Psychostick please?

Sadly not. Supersuckers are the self-proclaimed greatest rock and roll band in the world, and occasionally a country band, who play songs about “liquor, women, drugs and killing”. Tonight they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary by performing classic album The Evil Powers of Rock ‘n Roll in full. Lemmy once said “If you don’t like Supersuckers, you don’t like rock ‘n roll”
Oh wow, OK then. Now I’m kind of expecting a country version of Motorhead! I’m guessing they don’t take themselves too seriously, so the tongue in cheek thing still stands, surely? Oh look, my dinner has arrived.

Like Homer Simpson spotting a squirrel, Daisy is distracted by a burger covered in gravy, rendering any form of intelligent conversation obsolete. After dinner, we head to the venue, where The Randy Savages are already on stage, but their lack of wrestling attire disappoints Daisy to an unexpected level, so we head downstairs for another drink.

What are your hopes for the evening now?!
At this point I just want to sober up a bit! I made a huge error in ordering that enormous gin at the last place. Musically though, I just want to have fun and have a great Friday night. I’m hoping for some good beats and lots of smiles.

What are your fears?
I don’t think I have any. Its quite a powerful, protective booze cloak I’m wearing, so I’m not really scared of anything right now!

Despite some incredibly murky sound at the beginning, and some heinous captive-audience bar prices (£5 for a 330ml can, aka £10 a pint) the Supersuckers are on fire tonight. The opening salvo of tracks from new album Suck It are sadly robbed of their power and largely unintelligible due to the sound gremlins, but by the time The Evil Powers of Rock ‘N Roll starts up, all is well and both crowd and band are visibly having more fun than a puppy at a panto. Beer is drunk, lyrics are sung, dances are danced, and when a young man compliments MonkHammer on knowing all the words and demands he join him at the front for Pretty Fucked Up, it seems downright rude not to oblige.

So how was it for you?
Well, the sound was fucking gash, but I loved the band. I loved the guy with the hat [frontman and bassist Eddie Spaghetti], I loved the energy of the guitarist [‘Metal’ Marty Chandler], I loved all of them, they were really great to watch. I wish I could have heard properly, but the energy in the room was brilliant and everyone seemed really lovely, which was a wonderful atmosphere to be in. You go to some gigs where people are completely unaware of other people’s space. You’ll find a great spot somewhere in the middle of the room, and then some seven-foot dickhead squeezes in and stands right in front of you without any consideration for those around him, but there was none of that, which was lovely. People kept starting conversations too which was amazing, and even though I could rarely hear what they were saying and would just smile politely, it was a really, really, really lovely atmosphere.

Would you see them again?
Yes, but better sound next time please. The sound and bar prices were a bit shit, but the band and barman were lovely.

A relative success. It seems the trick to getting Daisy to enjoy these gigs is booze (not too much, not too little), decent acoustics and a no-dickhead policy. But in reality, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing the greatest rock and roll band in the world?
Tune in next week for Daisy vs The Wildhearts

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