Daisy vs … The Wildhearts: Koko, 2 December 2018

Hi Daisy, how’s tricks? What have you been up to?
Oh you know, this and that. A bit of work, a bit of play, a lot of gin, a lot of wine, a lot of Xbox. The usual.

Last time we did one of these it was for Supersuckers. Have you listened to any of their stuff since then?
Nope. It was only a week ago though, so give me a chance.

So what have you been listening to?
Whatever you’ve been playing in the background to be honest.

So that’ll be The Ramones, The Macc Lads, Onyx and Ice Cube then!
If you say so!

If it was your choice, who would we be seeing tonight? PS you are no longer allowed to say David Bowie.
I wouldn’t mind seeing The Pixies again, because I know they’re your favourites [they’re really not]. Or Immortal! Yes, I want to see Immortal. Why? Because I love All Shall Fall and I’ve been finding the whole black metal thing absolutely fascinating ever since watching Lords of Chaos. I want to see the crab dance live in the flesh! I LOVE ABBATH!!!!! He’s so much fun! And death and satan and all that shit too. Black metal’s great. Not the killing though. Killing’s not cool.

Sadly no black metal, tonight is all about The Wildhearts, a so-called 90s Britrock band from Newcastle. What are you expecting?
I’m expecting them to be the same as last time, but with more stage time.
[Daisy reminds MonkHammer that they saw The Wildhearts together in May, on the Britrock Must Be Destroyed tour with Terrorvision. Whoops!]

Oh yeah, fair point. Well tonight they’ll be playing their debut album Earth vs The Wildhearts in full [presses play]. What are your hopes for the evening now?!
To have lots of fun. I think Ginger Wildheart has a really great energy and stage presence so I’m hoping he’s on good form.

Any fears or worries?
I don’t think so. I know what I’m in for this time and Camden is my old stomping ground, so I’m in safe hands. I’m really looking forward to visiting Koko again though. I used to go there back when it was the Camden Palace, but haven’t been in a while, so if anything, I’m a little scared of bumping into someone from my misspent youth!

Although not particularly chatty, Ginger is indeed on good form tonight (even if he does yell at the lighting engineer mid-song to request they not be lit like a porno), as are the rest of the band, all of whom receive hero’s welcomes when introduced by their leader. The start-to-finish run-through of Earth vs The Wildhearts is unsurprisingly lapped up by a rowdy and vocal crowd, with a surprisingly (for Koko) crisp sound that brings out the inherent Beatlesness of tracks like Shame on Me and Love U Til I Don’t, as well as the crunchy stomping boots of Suckerpunch and Drinking About Life. Following this celebration with a short, sharp encore of wall-to-wall crowd pleasers, the band prove that if you’ve got the songs, the most satisfying gigs are often also the most simple, leaving London a soggy, groggy, satisfied mess.

So how was it for you?
Let me start by stating that The Wildhearts were great. I still love watching Ginger, and the mental fans in the mohpit were properly mental. Seeing so many people really, truly connect with the music to such an extent was an amazing sight. However, I was not 100% there tonight following a long weekend of eating and drinking way too much. It was basically impossible to get merry and move around, so the best I could manage was a mild foot tap. As I understand it, this is what happens when you approach middle age, and I’m not happy about it.

Would you see them again?
Oh yes. I enjoyed the music, and the band’s chemistry and the energy in the room were fantastic, so absolutely yes. They tick all the boxes, it’s just a shame my box was full tonight!


Another success, albeit a bloated one, and retrospectively something of a slam dunk considering Daisy had already seen The Wildhearts before. Time to step it up and really press her buttons….


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