The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Caprice Enchanté

There’s something surprisingly modest about The St Pierre Snake Invasion. Whether coiled tightly round your throat or cooing softly at your feet, their mathy hardcore always comes imbued with a strange sense of comfort and ease, like a square peg obstinately disobeying the laws of physics to slide carefree into a round hole. Sophomore album Caprice Enchanté twists and turns more often than a bag of bootlaces, high-fiving influences at an almost hysterical pace, but although it’s an exhausting ride it never fails to exhilerate, with musical and lyrical earworms popping up amid the clatter at an alarming rate. One is never far from another “Fuck Yes!” moment, and really what more could you want from an album. By all accounts, Caprice Enchanté was an absolute bitch to create (absent producers, blown voices, departing members), and that is reflected in a slightly more serious mood than free-running, bunny-hopping debut A Hundred Years A Day, but the simple truth is that if you liked that album, you should love this one. The sound of a thousand ideas per second crashing through a solid wall of West Country cynicism, supervised by The Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die.

Caprice Enchanté is out 21 June and can be pre-ordered here

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