Who is MonkHammer?

Editor by trade, idiot by reputation, MonkHammer has been following punk, metal, rock and everything in between in some format ever since the early 80s, peppering his journey with hip-hop, country, folk, jazz, blues, funk, pop and dance along the way. There was a brief period in the late 90s when he listened almost exclusively to happy hardcore, trance and drum n bass, going to all-night raves where he would toot on a whistle and wave his big, fat, spammy fingers around in white gloves like a cokey Mickey Mouse, but he politely requests you don’t bring this up in conversation.

Are you in any way associated with Metal Hammer?

Absolutely, unequivocally not. MonkHammer has the deepest respect for the work of Metal Hammer, which he has been following avidly for some 30 years and does not wish to ride their coattails or anyone else’s.

So why MonkHammer then? Bit close, innit?!

True, but it is entirely unintentional. If you must know, MonkHammer is a combination of two nicknames, one affectionate, the other less so.
Monk is derived from a middle name, and was acquired at school, while the Hammer … well, let’s just say that a boozy band rehearsal many years ago resulted in a lighthearted suggestion that the band members adopt stage names. MonkHammer’s self-chosen and Motorhead-inspired choice of The Hammer didn’t stick, but the ridicule it evoked did, and thus MonkHammer was born.

Did you consider any other names?

Of course, but the name MonkHammer has been around a lot longer than the site, and ultimately it just felt weird to come up with something new. Some of the other options included The Punk Monk, Mattersville, and Vincent Van Mosh, so you can see why!

What about the crayons? What’s all that about?

When the reviews first started on Instagram, it was decided that two things were needed: a hashtag that was 100% unique, and something to make the posts stand out visually. For reasons that we simply can’t be bothered to go into, MonkHammer had a box of crayons on his desk and ta-dah! #CrayonAlbumCovers

Fair play. Anything else we should know?

Brewdog once named a beer after me (sort of).

How come?
Dunno. Probably cosmic ordering.