Zeke – Hellbender

“…20 minutes of gloriously pungent beer-throwing, glue-sniffing, truck-loving, speed-metal-punk-thrash bedlam with absolutely zero deviation from the course…”

Death Alley – Superbia

“…a ticket to Motorhead vs the realisation you’re actually seeing Hawkwind, Superbia adds psychedelia and prog to the proto-punk mix to roll where Black Magick Boogieland rocked…”

Ondt Blod – Natur

“… a two-headed beast that will vomit rainbows into your most ferocious nightmares, it’s hard to imagine an album like this coming from anywhere other than Norway…”

Turnstile – Time & Space

“…the album crashes along with an unhealthy lust for life, like forcing a swarm of locusts through a windsock, blending skate punk, New York hardcore and grunge into a surefire Album of the Year contender”